Consulting/Education Services

Our team members can provide one on one coaching and phone support to personally answer all of your questions, and to help you a set up a plan of action to take advantage of the coming boom in cryptocurrencies.

We provide a free 15 minute call, then 50 minute calls as needed.

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Learn about our team.

Neal Walters has a background in accounting, business, law, and software. Other team members being added.

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IT Staffing

We specialize in finding, screening, and placing software developers and project managers that are familiar with cryptos such as Ethereum, PolkaDot, Divi, ADA/Cardano, etc...

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BitCoin Rainbow Chart And Future Price

There are many ways to chart BitCoin.  If you don’t use a logarithmic chart, it tends to look more like a “hockey stick”.  Note that on a logarithmic chart, the items on the X-axis go up by about 10 x each time.   So in this picture, you can see prices $10 to $500,000 on the…

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