Neal Walters bought his fraction of a BitCoin in 2014 when the price was $258. As I write this today, the price of one BitCoin is over $50,000, and could be much more by the time you read this. That’s a 92x or 9200% gain!

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy one BitCoin a month, and I spent them. In 2017, I learned a hard lesson, watching my crypto portfolio plummet, not realizing this is a normal, expected event. It happens to most first-timers.

Now, I’m smarter, and keeping more of my investments. A couple of my big success are with Theta and DIVI.

In 2021, I decided to share my knowledge with anyone who needs help. There is no 800 number to call for BitCoin. So people like me have teamed up to provide one-on-one online or phone support to get your questions answered. Note: We are not financial advisers, and thus we do NOT offer financial advice. I can share my investments and personal strategies, and you can adapt to fit your unique situation.

Background: I have an undergrad in accounting. I was going to get a Masters in Tax Accounting, but then switched to an MSBA in Management Information Systems and I have had a 40+ career in Information Technology. I have been a consultant, rather than a full time employee, since 1996. As my crypto portfolio grows, I will be more selective of which type of computer projects I take on. To top that off, I took went to law school at night for four years, while working full time for a fortune 50 oil company in Tulsa. I passed the Oklahoma Bar, but was making more money working with computers, so I stuck with that, so I’m not a practicing attorney. My limited practice back then was doing wills and estate planning (trusts) for a few individuals.

I used to sell foreign language cassettes and CDs via the web, before everything switched to digital audio. My life experience has taught me a lot about money, taxes, investing, and use of legal entities like LLC/Subchapter-C Corporations and trusts.

I’ve never dedicated myself to having a great YouTube channel, but I have posted a number of videos on cryptos. This is the first one I did related to my BitCoin purchase back in 2014. I attended a meeting of the “Dallas BitCoin Meetup” at BuzzBrew’s Kitchen in Deep Ellum, downtown Dallas. I put $20 into a BitCoin ATM, and had BitCoin on my smart phone in a few minutes.

I don’t normally recommend crypto-ATMs, because the fees are very high, but they do provide anonymity. Soon, I got an account at CoinBase like most newbie’s do. Later I got into trading, and took many courses to hone my craft.

As a software developer, I’ve studied Ethereum and Solidity contracts via DappUniversity (DAPP stands for “Distributed Application”)

I look forward to helping you, if we are a fit. You can schedule a free 15 minute consulting session with me on my calendar page.

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