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What if you knew the big swings and trends in BitCoin and other cryptos.
Marius Landman has able to correctly predict over 90% of the major swings in the market. He grew up as a poor orphan in South Africa, and went on to be on an elite South African military team. The started predicting Health and Safety trends for major oil companies, and found that he could also find similar trends in the cryptocurrency markets.

Category Product Description
Long Term Long Term Trends Marius Landman does a weekly webinar, usually two hours each Thursday, about 3 or 4 pm Central Time (USA). It is recorded for people who cannot attend live. This also includes alerts and PDF analysis via Marius’ private blog site.
Medium Term Trend Signals This is a service where each week you get approximately 10 suggested trades, with a potential of 5% to 25% profit each. They include appropriate stop loss points and take profits zones.
Medium Term Master Traders A daily webinar by four full time “master traders” (usually 50 to 75 minutes). Craig presents hot new coins and ICOs and other links or videos to watch. Rudo provides information on market in general, sentiment, and BitCoin dominance as well as some of his own trades. Li is an expert in Elliot wave, and gives a daily breakdown of the two “big daddy” coins, BitCoin and Etherum. Sheldon gives a daily analysis of alt-coins with frequent daily trades for 10-50% profit. These experts also expose you to the right way to do leveraged trading if you are in a location where that is possible (not easy in the United States).
Scalp Trading HODLNOTs Wendy and her staff of trainer provides live and recorded training when you join. You can then join the training room or the trading “den” on Telegram, which is staffed 24-hous a day by her coaches. They often throw out tips on hot coins that are skyrocketing. Scalp trading is for people who have a hour or more a day to sit in front of their computer and make short term trades. You might get in an out in under 5 minutes, or “snuggle” a coin for a day or two.
Training for Traders Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (and more coming) Learn the basics, from how to use charting tools such as “TradingView”, learn about support and resistance, how to draw up your own charts and trendlines. Advanced class teaches Elliot Wave.

A sample from one of Marius Landman’s Cryptocurrency Trend and Forecast Webinar

While this was January of 2020, it gives you an idea of Marius’s style. It also talks about one of his important concepts, which he called the “Grandular Cycle”. No such thing existed, and he had to make a name for it.

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Sheldon – One of Four Coaches From the Master Traders Team on ToNoIt

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NOTE: This is not financial advice. This can be one of your tools that help you do your own research.

You can SIGNUP for FREE to get to know the system (no payment required). After you register, you can explore the site and products, and decide if you want to join with the paid membership, which includes updates (usually 2 or 3 per week, including a one to two hour long webinar recording each week). The live webinar is now included in the ToNoIt membership! It currently meets at 4:00pm Central Time on Thursdays. Payments are made only via cryptos. If you need help, contact me on my “About Me” page.

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